No great outfit is safe with this street style photographer around.

Hey, I’m… Danielle Castano
But secretly I wish my name was… Beyonce. 
My 9-5 is… Being the social media manager for a major department store
But I also have this street style website called…
The big secret to taking a great photo is… Ensuring the subject doesn’t know that you’re shooting them (sneaky!)
I got to wear I am today by… Being genuinely passionate and not afraid to put in some time. I often work seven days a week and you can only do that if you love what you do. 
You’ll never catch me without my… Camera, iPhone & asthma pump.
My favourite breakfast food is… Potato rosti & eggs benedict.
The best advice I’ve ever heard is… Inspiration inevitably gets watered down by data, so don’t get preoccupied with numbers.
The next stop for Stylesnooperdan is… Europe in September for the Spring Summer shows!

Instagram: @stylesnooperdan


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