Jasmine Dowling

Letterer with flowers in one hand, coffee in the other.

Hey, I’m… Jasmine Dowling, a chaotic slashie between lettering/design/photography/styling.

And on customs forms, my job title is… Arts usually, although that sounds like I am unemployed.
My day goes a little bit like this… I have either a post day or a non-post day..

Non-post days go like… Wake up, social media, breakfast/coffee, desk, more coffee, email, create mess depending on the project, post production, coffee, post production, email, social media, wine.

Post Days go like… Wake up, social media, breakfast/coffee, desk, check orders, package orders, send orders, have a chat to the post office lady, flower markets, home, lunch, clean packaging chaos, send tracking numbers, emails, social media, wine.

But it never starts without… Coffee & social media.

3 little tips on *making it* are… Keep questioning yourself, work for it & sacrifice.

If I had to choose between coffee, flowers and paints, I’d choose… Paints, I can paint flowers and get caffeine elsewhere.

My style can be best described as… my mood. I think I am getting back to having my wardrobe full of pieces I truly love rather than on trend items that don’t really suit me. I have been really enjoying injecting more pieces into my wardrobe that make me smile, whether it be a slogan, brighter colour or pattern, or bold shapes.

The best career advice on becoming a letterer is… know why you are doing it & practice. There are no shortcuts in learning how to letter. It is a hand skill that needs time, patience and lots of practice.

Instagram: @jasminedowling

Website: http://www.jasminedowling.com

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