Genevieve Day

Talent manager that doesn't spend all day browsing Instagram and going to brunch - promise.

Hi, I’m….  Genevieve Day 

And my favourite breakfast food is… Smashed avo #basic

I run my own business called… Day Management

I started it because…  I noticed a gap in the market for influencer representation back in 2015. All of these wonderful, creative influencers needed a middleman to connect them to likeminded businesses and negotiate their collaborations, so Day Management was born!

My friends think I spend all day…. browsing Instagram and going to brunch

When really I spend all day…. browsing Instagram and going to brunch – no, just kidding. I spend all day on emails, delivering fashion and lifestyle brand collaborations with top tier influencers and bloggers. That means I never leave the house without my phone or laptop.

Day Management is successful becausewe are boutique and can offer a personal approach, but also because of my PR background we understand the role of influencers within a whole campaign, rather than just a one-off sponsored post

I work for myself, so to the office I wear… whatever the hell I want. This could be head to toe Zimmerman one day, and track pants the next.

One dream client I would love to manage issomeone crazy famous like Kylie Jenner. Can you imagine what’s involved in her social collabs!?

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d bewishing I was! Seriously, working for yourself is the best

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