Brooke Meredith

Editor-in-chief, changing the world one kale smoothie at a time.

Hey, I’m… Brooke, design nerd, kale lover and founding Editor-In-Chief of A Conscious Collection magazine 

But my friends call me… B.

I’m a slashie, working as…  Founding Editor-In-Chief of A Conscious Collection magazine; the director/designer/sales/marketing/publisher/photographer/recipe developer and all the other slashes you can think of that make up a publication. Wooahh, I’m exhausted just writing that. 

So my day is anything but typical… In fact, every day changes, depending where I am and where we are up to in our production schedule. I get up at 6am for the gym, come home, eat breakfast and have a coffee over emails. Then I head to a meeting or three, produce content for the magazine – whether it be recipe development, editorial shoots, editing videos, layouts or writing. I fit lunch in somewhere, then more emails, more meetings, upload content for our online magazine, more production and well.. as you can see it never really ends. But hey, I love it! 

I started A Conscious Collection cos… It started off as a personal blog where I could share my recipes. I was going through some major diet changes that was helping me through some illnesses. I started experimenting in the kitchen and taking my recipes to people on shoots. I was sick of emailing everyone so I thought I would pop them somewhere for people to access. At the time it was basically an archive, as I grew and my knowledge grew I shared more and more information which eventually lead it to a business where I realised I could turn my two passions of design and wellness together to create something pretty damn cool. 

The scariest part was… putting myself out there for the world to judge every single move, every single mistake!

But I tried to remember that These tools were the foundations that helped me overcome some pretty shitty stuff, so If I could teach what I learnt to make someone else better off, then it was worth it! 

The best part of my day is… Hard to pinpoint! I love producing content; our editorial shoots are one of my favourites as I get to see my vision come to life via an incredibly talented team.

A little known fact about me is… I’m a huge chocoholic. 

The next stop on my tour for world domination is… The States, A Conscious Collection will be making its move and expanding in the coming years. 

Instagram: @aconsciouscollection


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