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Let’s be honest: you need words like you need a big glass of red wine (a lot).

They form your brand’s tone of voice – its personality – and can be the difference between a business that’s just like all the others, and a business that’s completely original, innovative and painfully cool.

Luckily for you, at BOSSY, we eat words for breakfast. We spend our days picking just the right words, stringing them together in just the right way, but we’re cheeky and sassy and slightly inappropriate and we don’t care what you say because you’re not our mum.

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We’re stuck in a heated love triangle between words and clothes.

From look books to online stores, campaigns to editorial, our fashion styling will inspire your customers to type in their credit card details STAT.

How? We style clothes like we style words. We listen, but we take risks. We know your brand, but we push its boundaries. We’re professional, but we’re anything but boring. We’re cheeky, but we take fashion very, very seriously.

In order words, we’re a sparkly new set of eyes with a BOSSY. twist and a goddamn breath of fresh air for your collection.

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You bring the donuts, we’ll bring the wine.

Then we’ll tell secrets and braid each other’s hair and discuss in detail why Chad hasn’t called you back yet even though you only text him once every 30 minutes since your date. Then, if we have time, we’ll talk Instagram.

Creative direction, imagery and tone of voice; we'll work with you in one-on-one sessions over a month to help you create the ultimate platform for your business. We'll then set you free into the big, wide world... but don't worry, we'll always be spying on you (in a not too creepy way) and we promise to catch up every couple of months.

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You can sit with us.

These are just some of the BOSSY. people and projects we have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis. It's pure coincidence that some of them sell wine and chocolate.

Bossy 101.

Class in session: Being Bossy 101.

Musicians, entrepreneurs, artists, style icons...These smarty-pants are fully-qualified in being BOSSY. Take notes.

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